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American kitchen

It is a kitchen with multiple origins. Indeed, the culinary origins of the United States come both from the Amerindian culture and from the European, brought by the first settlers. It is therefore quite complicated to identify a real American cuisine to speak of. However, if one were to gather the main pillars of the kitchen made in the USA, we would certainly list the following dishes: fried chicken, corn cob, apple pie, turkey, potatoes, steaks Barbecue or meat loaf.

However, depending on the region, American cuisine is diversifying a little. For example, if you go to the Northeastern United States, you will enjoy specialties that resemble British specialties: roasts, sauce dishes, ingot beans and, on the other hand, Many other fish, crustaceans as well as the uncontrollable lobster that enjoys so much in these cold waters ….

The cuisine of the Sud Of the United States, could be summarized by more fried foods, rich sauces and pecan pies. At least on the East Coast. Add to the inevitable barbecue ribs which have previously bathed in a mixture of spices and spices of all kinds. The cornbread is also an emblematic meter of the South of the United States.

In the interior, still in the South, in Louisiana, Cajun cuisine is also very specific. It is a joyful mix of cooking with French, Caribbean, African and Spanish influences. Everything is cooked, “smoky” and spicy. If you like paella, you will like the jambalaya, the typical dish of Cajun cuisine.

If you go a bit further to the west, still in the south, you will find yourself in front of the famous “tex-mex” cuisine. Inevitably Mexican influences, but also Amerindian and Spanish influences rub shoulders. The dishes are generally made with meat and well raised. There are also the ones now known worldwide: burritos and other tacos.

Finally, on the Pacific coast, there is a profusion of fruit growing in the southern regions … in terms of fruit and vegetable production, California is akin to Florida on the eastern side of the country.

It is true that California has many advantages because its climate is very mild. Moreover, its population is among the most cosmopolitan of the American territory: one can easily eat spicy as well as Asian or Amerindian. The state is also known for its “healthy food”, ie the most organic possible with the least amount of bad fat possible.

One can find in the restaurant and everywhere in the local supermarkets, an incredible variety of mixed salads of any kind. It also tests a lot of new recipes. It is therefore less traditional than in New England, for example, because the region has rather the reputation of launching the new culinary trends of the country and also to export outside the borders.

Let’s finish by New York. Here too, its inhabitants are quite concerned about their health and prefers to eat a healthy and organic food. For the rest, by its cosmopolitan side, the biggest city of the United States represents culinary the whole world.