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Best of Denver

Do you plan to go to Denver? Here is a great guide written by Lonely Planet, the
must-haves of Denver. Source: Lonely Planet

Natural History Museum

One of the first natural history museums in the country, this institution founded at the
turn of the century houses the collection of naturalist Edwin Carter, a native of
Colorado. The scientists of the Museum became known worldwide in 1926, when one of their
discoveries made it possible to demonstrate the presence of human beings on the New
World 8,000 years before the previous estimates. In addition to the gigantic Nebraska
mammoth, the museum houses a Stegosaurus stenops fossil, a small-headed
vegetarian dinosaur whose cry could be heard in Colorado 150 million years ago.

Located in the City Park , the Museum is also home to an Imax dome and a
planetarium. It is located not far from Denver’s zoo , which can be visited
on the same day.

Larimer square

This enclave of character boutiques, restaurants and brasseries is the meeting point
of trendy locals, whether punks or yuppies, and the clubs around Larimer square are
also frequented at night by its cafes during the day. To the south-west of the city
center, Larimer square is also home to some examples of the city’s architectural
revival, even if its early-century buildings, which have been upgraded with
“decorative” lighting, do not appeal to everyone.

Denver Art Museum

The Denver Museum of Art is one of the most important art collections in the world,
from the four corners of the country. The pieces, which cover a hundred years of
American Indian art, are presented according to their geographical affiliation,
focusing on influences between different cultures. The Museum, just south of the
city center, just after the Civic Center , also offers works from other

Black American Heritage Museum

Presenting things as they happened is the credo of this museum entirely dedicated to
the blacks of the American West. Although some black-American precursors gained
Colorado during the mining boom of the second half of the nineteenth century, it was
after the Civil War that the majority of Black American Americans in Colorado won
the state. The museum traces their history, whether they were cowboys, miners,
soldiers, politicians or lawyers. Concerned with historical truth, the museum is
located in the old house of Doctor Justina Ford, the first black physicist in the

Red Rock Park and Amphitheater

This 240-acre park is one of Denver’s most beautiful parks, a set of 27 parks that
stretch 70 km west of the city. A place of relaxation, it is also a cultural place:
with its exceptional acoustics, the amphitheater of red sandstone exterior, with a
height of 120 meters, hosts many concerts. You will discover a wide view of the park
and the city of Denver by climbing the 250 steps that lead to the top of the

Boulder (near Denver)

Forty kilometers northwest of Denver, the beautiful Boulder, Liberal stronghold,
alternative lifestyle advocates and a new social attitude, is a city apart. Living,
it also shines by its intellectual and cultural character. The main attraction of
the city center, Pearl Street Mall , is a lively, eccentric pedestrian
area, full of shops, bars, galleries and restaurants.

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