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Do I need flight details and / or address to apply?

No! The ESTA application form does not request information on your flight details. In fact it is better to apply for your travel authorization before booking your flight and making other travel arrangements, so you have time to react in the unlikely event that there is a delay in processing your information. Besides, you can always add or modify your travel details, even after receiving an approved ESTA. Let’s say that you have found tickets at a better price or a better hotel offer. Or you want to change your itinerary and visit one more city. Also, an approved ESTA is valid for up to two years and for multiple trips. In case you want to profit from it more than once, you can either modify the point of contact at the United States or you can leave it untouched.

We will be happy to update this information for you, simply write us an e-mail via the contact form here.


Please note that if you need to change some of the information already existing in the ESTA Authorization do not hesitate to contact us on We will modify all details without additionally charging your credit card.

These include important data such as names, passport number, and date of birth. It is best to double and triple check these before you submit the online form to make sure that the details you have entered match letter for letter and number for number the details on your passport. A good old trick is to reread everything from right to left – that way our eyes do not run over the combinations of letters we are familiar with. If you notice even a typo on your issued document, do not hesitate to contact us on Our service support agent will modify the information needed without additionally charging your credit card. This is also the case if during the two year period of validity of the travel authorization any of the essential information about you changes. If you are issued a new passport, have a new or additional name or become a citizen of a different country as well as if any of the answers to the Visa Waiver Program requirements are different than first stated, please contact us! Remember, once a new travel authorization is issued, the old one will be canceled.


Make sure you respect the conditions for traveling on an ESTA each time you visit the USA – you can make multiple trips to the country and stay for up to 3 months each time, for a total of 180 days per year. However if while you’re in the USA you make a short trip to Mexico or Canada you do not get an additional 90 days. You can travel for tourism, independent research, negotiations. You can participate in professional conventions, conferences and seminars.  Commercial business is also fine, provided you do not intend to make profit on US soil. Disrespecting these rules can create unnecessary complications with the US Customs and Border Protection officer during a future trip.