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Can we have an ESTA even if we are not sure of its itinerary?

Yes. The Department of Homeland Security suggests that ESTA apply 3 days before your departure to the United States. But these are just guidelines.

With the VWP, travelers are not required to indicate the itinerary during their stay in the United States, so they can have the ESTA established without this information.

For the request if you are staying in the US or if you use it as a transit point, you can answer whatever you want.

In addition, once received, the ESTA can always be updated. If you use ESTA for multiple trips to the United States, because the document has not yet expired, you still have the option to update the sections with respect to the city, hotel, or address Where you reside.

ESTA can therefore be obtained even if your trip to the United States has not yet been planned.

The editable sections for an existing ESTA are:

  • Residence address.
  • Email address.

In general it is recommended to indicate your own route as much as possible when requesting ESTA.

Exemple1: Joseph
Joseph lives and works in Marseille for an American pharmaceutical company. His position in society forces him to travel often in different cities of the United States.

Joseph still travels with his ESTA authorization.

Although it uses the same ESTA, it updates it each time according to the address where its business leads it.

Exemple 2: Marta
Marta applied for permission to travel about 11 months ago for her trip to Philadelphia, where she will visit her cousins. She received her ESTA by e-mail.

Because Marta recently changed her e-mail address, she wrote us an email to tell us.

This was a good thing, as all future communications on his travel authorization, including the expiry date, will be made by e-mail.

Thanks to this update, Marta will receive future e-mails without any problems.

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