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Does the ESTA guarantee your entry into the United States?


ESTA or a valid Visa, give the opportunity to travel to the United States.

However, it is the US Customs and Border Protection Services who will decide, after verification of the documents.

Same procedure for travelers in transit in the United States.

So, ESTA like any valid visa, does not guarantee entry into US territory.

Example 1: Samuel
Samuel is an Irish citizen in love with the United States. He visited the United States several times and also sought to settle in Chicago in 2007. Last month he went to Philadelphia with friends using ESTA. Upon arrival at the airport he passed the immigration check with his passport and his travel authorization.

There Samuel had a nasty surprise. In 2007, Samuel moved to the United States with a travel authorization and stayed longer than the authorized 90 days. The immigration officer knew with the immigration record they have about every visitor who crosses the border of the country.

This is considered a serious violation of US immigration rules, and US authority has denied Samuel’s entry into the country.

His ESTA was dismissed and Samuel was sent home by the next available flight to Dublin.

As can be seen from this example, the United States is particularly strict in the application of immigration rules. We therefore suggest that you strictly observe the regulations concerning your travel authorization.

Example 2: Perrais Family
Last week the Perrais family traveled to Los Angeles to visit their daughter Laura, who is studying there. Wanting to surprise their daughter, the Perrais family brought some treats, including cheese and delicatessen.

Ignoring the ban on entering the United States at the Los Angeles airport after passing immigration checks, they were sent to customs, where their bags were routine.

You can imagine their surprise when they saw the reaction of the customs officers, in front of these products not declared in the customs form.

The Perrais family was taken away for further checks and interrogations.

In this case, the officer understood that the Perrais family was in good faith. The French products were seized, the Perrais family was fortunately allowed to enter the country.

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