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Should I contact the US Embassy?

If the trip you are considering is less than 90 days, you will not need to contact the US Embassy; You just need to go online and apply for an ESTA authorization. You must obtain this travel authorization before boarding.

Example 1: Julia
Julia visited the United States more than 10 years ago; It was a group trip to North Carolina. At the time, she and her group traveled with a Tourist Visa B, which allows staying up to 180 days during the calendar year.

Today Julia plans a second trip to the United States, she wants to visit New York for three weeks.

By our customer service, Julia learned that the steps were now simpler: it was enough to solicit ESTA online. No need for a visa or an interview at the American Embassy.

Julia got her ESTA in less than an hour.

Once approved, the document was printed and added to his passport and airline ticket.

Example 2: Henri
Henri is a young man who has to go to Boston to study English. Courses will not exceed 18 hours per week, and will last 60 days.

Henri thought he needed a student visa, but our agents told him that:

His stay being less than 90 days, he can benefit the ESTA.

Its courses do not exceed 18 hours per week, it comes within the framework of the ESTA. If the courses exceeded 18 hours per week a student visa should be requested.

Henri obtained his travel documents online; It’s much quicker than if he had asked the American Embassy for a student visa.

He printed his ESTA and stored it with his travel documents.

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