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What can be done to avoid problems at customs?

When you apply for a non-immigrant visa at the US Embassy or Consulate, the official checks the documents to see if the candidate is fit or not to enter the US.

This fitness is assessed not only against the legal requirements but also the risk or likelihood that the traveler may attempt to smuggle in the United States.

For this reason, some things should be avoided so as not to incur the risk of refusing a visa. One of them is to show links with your country: it is advisable to prepare official documents, preferably, showing family ties outside the United States, such as birth certificate, marriage or divorce certificate, Or widowhood status and / or family status documents, especially if you have children.

Another tip is to show a stable financial position that allows you to cope with the expenses of your stay in the United States. Some documents may be useful, such as a contract of employment, a company’s certificate of ownership, your income tax return, documents proving that you are a student, bank statements, RIB, savings account, investments, funds Savings, assets of any kind, loans, leases, pensions and other income.

Demonstration of a link with your country is essential to the visa.

Although he must examine all documents identifying the applicant, the consular officer is not obliged to examine the additional documentation provided.

In the case of visa applications for tourism, business and transit, it may be useful and practical to have a written invitation letter from a US citizen or permanent resident, or any other person lawfully resident in the United States, United .

According to the requested visa, the documents to be provided are different, for example, between a student visa and temporary work. It is always interesting to provide the above mentioned documents as a basis for any visa application.

It is not uncommon for a visa not to be approved (one in five). The reasons are varied and explained, but almost always concern the economic sphere and the links with the country. The official can not approve a visa if there are economic shortcomings in the submitted documents. By refusing the visa it prevents the applicant from remaining in the country illegally.

Other reasons for refusing a visa are: health requirements that are not met, crimes committed in the past or illegal stay in the country for more than 3 months. In these cases, the ban on returning to the United States varies between three and ten years.

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