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What can you do if ESTA is denied to you?

If the ESTA form is rejected, the applicant has only one way to obtain a permit to enter the United States: contact the nearest US Embassy or Consulate in your city.

The online system that gives travel authorizations does not give the reasons why an application is denied. In case of refusal, ESTA has a link to the DHS Travel Redress Inquiry (TRIP) program, but this department does not guarantee a solution regarding the relevance of the visa waiver program.

Even in the event of an emergency, non-delivered and considered inadequate ESTAs do not allow for quicker appointments to the embassy or consulate. It is therefore desirable to apply for travel authorization before purchasing an airline ticket or paying for a hotel reservation in the United States.

In these cases, the best thing to do is to contact the embassy, ​​rather than trying to re-ask ESTA. In theory, it is impossible for the system to approve a license if it has already been rejected. Even if by some miracle the system approves the application the second time, the border officer will detect the problem and deny you entry into the United States.

Remember that a false statement is considered a crime, and this could lead to never again being considered fit to enter the United States.

Example: Fréderic
Frédéric has often traveled to the United States in recent years, especially in New Orleans, where he fell in love. He even decided to set up a new business in this city. He is now very close to the opening of his French restaurant in this particularly charming city. His immigration status is in abeyance because he applied for an investor visa thanks to his investment in his restaurant but this visa did him Not yet granted.

While waiting for the visa in France, Frédéric requested an ESTA to go to New Orleans, and this one was refused to him.

Frédéric lives in Lyon and on the advice of our customer service he then went to the American consulate in his city, where he was informed that he should wait in France for the result of his application for work visa (investor) for Be able to return to the United States.

So that’s what he did, and after about four weeks he finally got his visa. A new future awaits him now in his beloved Louisiana.

Example 2: Thelma
Thelma is 25 years old and of Irish nationality. About three years ago, she extended her trip to New York for several months. In fact, the city liked her so much that she even took a job as a barman at an Irish pub and stayed in New York for about six months with her ESTA. The EtaA allows a maximum stay of 90 days, and n Does not authorize him to work as an employee.

Thelma now intends to visit friends in the Big Apple and asked for a new ESTA. As expected, this was denied.

Leaving aside the fact that Thelma worked because even though this is not allowed the authorities are probably not aware of this fact. On the other hand, the migratory authorities of the United States registered the exit of the territory of Thelma and found that it had violated the laws of the immigration by remaining 6 months instead of the maximum 3 months allowed.

The only option left to him is to contact the US Embassy and apply for a residence visa, which in his case will be particularly difficult to obtain.

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