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What specifications should my computer have to fill out the ESTA form?

Everything you need to complete the application for an ESTA is a computer capable of running a 128-bit browser. So all major browsers, Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera are enough to be able to apply for a travel authorization for the United States of America.

In addition, you will need to check if your browser accepts cookies and is JavaScript compatible. It should be noted that most public computers often have configurations that block cookies.

In general, for beginners in computer science, it is enough to know that an Internet connection and a basic computer are sufficient to ask for your ESTA on line.

Even a mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet are appropriate.

We also suggest you have a printer to print a copy of the trip and keep it with other documents (passport, tickets).

Example 1: Charles
Charles is in Rome, departing from Air France to New York, when the hostess on the ground tells him the necessity of the ESTA to take the flight.

Charles does not lose courage, and thanks to his smartphone and wifi available at the airport, he connects to the site, gets his ESTA following the emergency procedure.

He keeps a PDF copy of the authorization on the phone, in order to show it at check-in. Everything goes well and he is allowed to embark.

Example 2: Albert
Albert has just celebrated his 60th birthday, and in two weeks he will travel to Chicago with his wife and two children. It’s her birthday present. Albert has a 5 year old desktop PC, but with a sufficient configuration.

Although Albert is not very good at computing, he easily connects to ESTA, and fills out the forms for himself and his family.

He prints the four authorizations received by email and keeps them with his travel documents.

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