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When should you complete the ESTA?

The ESTA can be filled when you want, but before you leave for the US territory. The Department of Homeland Security encourages passengers to request ESTA at least 3 days before their departure date, the maximum time within which the department must respond.

Exemple 1: Anaïs
Anaïs is known among her family and friends for being very neat, she likes to plan everything in advance. In order to plan her trip to Chicago in advance, Anaïs solicited and received her ESTA two months in advance.

Her ESTA was approved after 30 minutes after requesting it online, and she received it in her email. Anaïs printed everything and organized her trip. The ESTA is required to be able to board the flight to destinations in the United States.

Exemple 2: François
Francis made a trip to Indianapolis. When he arrives at the check-in of his flight to the United States he realizes that he did not get his ESTA. As is well known, this document is necessary to embark. François uses his tablet to do his ESTA quickly online.

He also wrote an email to inform our customer service that it was an emergency.

Within 10 minutes François received his travel authorization, which he was able to use to have his boarding pass.

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