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Which countries are participating in the ESTA Visa Waiver Program?

Exemple 1: Bernard
Bernard has dual nationality, French and Australian. Part of his family is from Oceania. At the time of his trip to the United States he was not sure of the citizenship to declare, and whether he needed to declare the second.

Through our customer service, Bernard learned that both nationalities are part of the Travel Expansion Program, and therefore there is no difference between the two passports to use the ESTA. For the second nationality, it must be declared at the time of the online application.

So Bernard applied for permission to travel with his French passport, and he also declared his second nationality, the Australian.

Exemple 2: Lina
Lina is about to leave for Miami, where she will visit the daughter of Anna who has just been born. Lina was born in Argentina, but also has a French passport thanks to her mother.

Lina, although she lives and works in Buenos Aires, and uses in her daily life her Argentine nationality, which is not included in the VWP, can benefit from her French nationality and use it to have an ESTA and travel to Miami.

The passport associated with ESTA will be the French passport, and its second nationality will be Argentine.

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