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Which sections of the ESTA can be modified?

If you are a holder of a valid passport and an approved ESTA planning to revisit the USA it is very likely that you might need to update some of the information on the application. What portions of the electronic application can or should be modified before a new trip and how is that done? Follow our tips:

Which information should I update on the ESTA file?

The details that need to be modified if having changed since you filed for an ESTA travel permit and do not match your current situation are name, sex, passport number and/or citizenship. You should of course modify the travel application if you realize you made a mistake while completing it. You can update your itinerary as well as destination. It is important to remember that if the information you provide is incorrect you are running a chance of not being admitted on American soil.

If you are one of our clients having applied with us and you need to verify an information or do modifications on the travel permit, please contact us at We will check the status of your ESTA document and will do all kind of changes on the document without charging you additionally.

When and how can I update the ESTA details?

Your ESTA is valid for two years after the date of approval and during that period you can update it as many times as you need for multiple trips to the US. Changes to your destination, itinerary, address in the US, or your email can be added to a valid, approved ESTA. To do that you need to access your file with the ESTA reference number on the same website where you first applied. After your ESTA expires you will have to start the application from the beginning and enter all the relevant information anew.

Do I have to file a new ESTA application?

The following fields of the ESTA Authorization can only be modified by reapplying for a new authorization if they have changed or were entered incorrectly:

  • – Your name or identity.
  • – Permanent address.
  • – Passport number.
  • – A situation entailing a different response to one or several eligibility questions in your application form.

If any of those details about you have changed or were misspelled you must redo the application from the beginning. As ESTA is an entirely online system that crosschecks databases, not updating your information by reapplying will create discrepancies in your file that may cost you entrance to the US. If you have applied with us, you will not be charged additionally for the issuance of a new ESTA Authorization. However, we would like to advise you to give yourself time to reread the application before you submit it. Once approved your new ESTA is valid for two years provided, again, that none of the essential details about you change during that time.

Can I update an ESTA authorization without a reference number?

It is possible to update information on your ESTA even if you have lost your reference number. If the changes you wish to make do not require you to file an entirely new application online you should know that the official ESTA website of the USA offers the possibility of retrieving your file even without the reference number and based on your passport number and date of birth.
If you have kept and can find the original reply to your ESTA application you will be able to look up that reference number too. It can be as simple as entering the keyword ‘ESTA’ in your inbox search field.

However, if you cannot recover your ESTA reference number and need to review or modify the information on it, it is best and safest to just file for a new travel authorization. After all it only takes a couple of minutes!

Is it possible to simply update an ESTA after it has reached its expiry date?

Once your ESTA is past its two-year validity you cannot renew it automatically. Although travelers often ask if for practical reasons it is possible to review the nearly expired ESTA and resubmit the information at present there is no such option. There is no automatic renewal of your electronic travel permit and when a previous ESTA expires all the details associated with it and your passport number are detached from them automatically and the data is considered not useful to the border authorities and obsolete.

Therefore you have to redo the process from the start and fill out all the fields and truthfully answer all the eligibility questions and any new questions that might have been added to the form.

Make sure you pay careful attention when completing the online application and print a copy of the submitted information and the reference number for your records, in case you need to review the information you supplied.

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