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Who can see my personal information that is registered on ESTA?

As the ESTA is a document issued under the VWP, all personal data is kept within the Department of Homeland Security. For this reason, data can not be seen by authorized personnel within the program.

Like many other travelers control programs, ESTA provides strict controls on the privacy of the person requesting the form.

Example 1: Nicholas
Nicholas has always been passionate about technology and the web, with particular attention to privacy issues. When he applied for his ESTA, Nicholas wanted to know more about who could see his personal information.

Nicholas found out that:

  • The US Immigration software automatically examines the information.
  • Information is cross-referenced with information in various police databases, intelligence, Interpol, immigration for those who are not in good standing with the law.
  • If the ESTA candidate’s information does not give rise to suspicion, he / she will be allowed to go there without further delay.
  • If an information is suspicious, an immigration officer will personally review and analyze the application and evaluate the applicant’s application for ESTA travel authorization.
  • The maximum duration of the manual examination is 72 hours.

Example 2: Leah
Leah wanted to share his experience with his friends on their first trip to the United States.

The problem in this story is the arrival of Leah with his permission to travel to Miami airport.

Leah took the line of control for US citizens and residents.

When her turn came, an officer directed her to a computer, where Leah scanned her passport. The computer automatically associated her ESTA with her passport and printed a sheet she needed for the last part of the migration formalities.

In some cases, even with this document, there may be other controls. In most cases, it is accepted without further formality.

Leah followed the entire process of entry through the computer, and in complete privacy. (An immigration officer is always available for questions or problems).

Borne automatique d’entrée aux États-Unis.

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