Can I get my ESTA online?

Yes, in fact the ESTA travel document can only be obtained online.

The procedure requires the candidate to provide certain personal information and to answer questions about his or her health and explain the purpose of the trip.

Personal information includes biographical data such as the passport you will be using to travel, the address of your residence, and your occupation if you are currently employed.

If you are not in transit to the United States and you are staying for more than one day, you will also need to specify the address where you will stay during your stay (hotels, apartments, guest houses, etc.). ).

You will also need to provide an emergency contact that can be someone in the US, or in your home country.

The final section of the online ESTA addresses the questions about the trip itself.

Once you have confirmed the answers, you will be redirected to the payment page.

Once the ESTA payment has been made, you can continue with other ESTA requests for other members of the traveling group, or you can wait until your document is sent to the e-mail address provided at the request online.

The US Immigration Service manages this online database, and therefore the approval of candidates is usually quick.

However, it is suggested to make requests for travel documents at least 72 hours before departure, just in case the approval is delayed.

Whether you use a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet, application-esta.us offers the right version of the online form to request your ESTA. The process is simple and easy, and you will receive your authorized travel document at the provided e-mail address.

Example 1: Antonin et Amandine
Amandine has Maltese nationality, a country included in those who benefit from the VWP and next month she has to go with her colleague to New York for a working convention. Comfortably installed in her couch at home, browsing on her tablet the application-esta.us, Amandine has obtained the two ESTA confirmations online. With the passport and the credit card of Antonin, she was able to make both payments. Subsequently, the two approved ESTAs are sent to the email address provided.

Example 2: André
André celebrates his 60th birthday next week, and has always loved the United States. For years he made several trips to the United States through a type of B1 tourist visa, which requires an official request to the American Embassy. He plans to celebrate his 60th birthday in Los Angeles but as his visa is outdated he thinks traveling with an ESTA document. He is surprised to find that, unlike the B1 visa, the ESTA approval document only requires going online and is generally approved quickly (not quite like the embassy visa).

Accustomed to a different way of doing things, the ESTA online application is a pleasant surprise for André. This greatly simplifies the process for his next trip to the United States.