What kind of response will I receive when I complete the ESTA form?

When you request ESTA, the Department of Homeland Security can give three types of answers:

  • Authorization granted: in this case, you are authorized to travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program. It should be noted, however, that ESTA or a valid visa provides the option of traveling to the United States, but once arriving at the airport or at the intended port of entry, all travelers should have their The Customs and Border Protection, US Customs and Border Protection. These decide if travelers can enter the United States.
    Normally, in 99% of the cases, travelers are accepted in the United States.
  • Verification permission: in this case, the DHS (official state immigration USA) examines the data provided for ESTA, but has not yet made a decision. These cases may occur and do not necessarily indicate anything negative. Simply the automated system, is not “able to immediately process all requests”, and takes a little time to verify the request.
  • Unauthorized travel: The system did not allow participation in the VWP program. This answer prevents the use of ESTA, but does not deny the option of traveling to the United States. In fact, you can apply for a visa by contacting the US Embassy or Consulate.

Example: Valérie
Valérie lives in Tours and the United States is one of her favorite destinations. Last month she planned a trip to the East Coast to visit Florida.

5 days before departure, she logged in to apply for the ESTA for her and her companion.

His companion’s ESTA arrived immediately after email, while his no.

After contact with our customer service, Valerie was informed that her request was still being verified and that in a maximum of 72 hours she would get a response. The system does not provide specific explanations of the reasons for delaying immediate approval.

It is possible that Valerie’s name is similar to another traveler banned in the United States, or that Valerie in the past, has committed a violation of US immigration rules.

Or simply that Valerie’s address to the United States will be located immediately next to a sensitive United States security site (military bases, government offices, etc.) for which immigration will examine in depth Information about the traveler.

After about 16 hours of waiting, Valerie also received her travel authorization, in time to travel. We always suggest, when entering information in the online form, to pay close attention to the information provided. The confirmation page provides another checking opportunity.