Will the visa waiver program change under Trump?

After an election that surprised a lot, it is time to look at how the visa waiver program could evolve under Trump’s presidency and the effects it could have on British travelers.
On the eve of the November presidential elections, many demands were made on both sides of the closure regarding how the country would function from next year. One of the comments that caught our attention came from President-elect Trump, when he discussed his thoughts on the Visa Waiver Program: as part of his strong position on the borders, he asked that The program is completed.

So could Trump’s presidency lead to policy changes that seriously affect how current citizens of the Visa Waiver Program member countries can travel to the United States? At present, 38 countries are benefiting from this program, and this includes the United Kingdom. But Trump also said in his conversations with Prime Minister Theresa May that he wanted the relations between the two countries to be “very, very special”. Surely it would be a message in the wrong direction if we were to revoke our visa waiver