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ESTA: Luxembourg

Luxembourg Flag of Luxembourg [/ caption]

Luxembourger travelers benefit, like 38 other countries of the world, from the Visa Waiver Program. Since January 12, 2009, this new process has been able to dispense with an application for a USA visa.

Access to North American territory is made easier by the creation of the ESTA authorization (ESTA authorization).

Starting from Luxembourg now, you no longer have to apply for a United States visa. A simple validation of the form you have filled in on the internet will suffice. ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization . This is an approach that allows you to acquire a travel authorization directly on the internet. ESTA is only valid for a North American destination.

The whole of Luxembourg sees its inhabitants exempt from visas for the USA. Everything is now easier: you no longer need to join or go to the US Embassy or Consulate to get an appointment for one of the two US visas (B -1 or B-2, one business visa, the other tourist).

This same visa is really in your hands only a week later.

From now on, the long usual procedure has been replaced by the ESTA visa, much faster, reliable and without making any appointments.

Everything has been designed to save you time. On the other hand, check

Your passport and its validity date! Next, check that you are in possession of a new generation passport. If this is not the case, ie it is not biometric, it will quickly ask for a new one. Indeed, ESTA’s request only works with current passports with multiple checkpoints visible (biometric, electronic …).

A recently established passport and a validated ESTA guarantee a high level of security in the eyes of the US Department of Homeland Security and allow you to travel without worry to the United States.

With your biometric passport, you can enter all the information requested on the ESTA form online.

If Luxembourg was not on the list of countries exempted from visa, you could not apply for ESTA. However, entry into the United States will not be prohibited! If you are of a nationality not listed in the list, you should simply go through the usual method, namely the usual visa application to the US Embassy or Consulate.

If you are of Luxembourg nationality, you can, 72 hours before the time of your flight, connect to the internet and fill in your form online. In view of your answers, the American authorities will very quickly advise you of your situation and will grant you this famous pass for the USA. After a few minutes, you will receive a validation that should be printed and kept in your hand luggage. Not that it’s mandatory because all the information you’ve given is now in the US government and the airports. It is a simple precaution that will save you a lot of hassle if, upon your arrival, US customs officials decide to do a little zeal!

Also note that a travel authorization is strictly personal and individual. If you are a couple or a family, each member of the cell must be registered with his or her own ESTA.

From this moment, after validation of the ESTA and its payment, you will be able to watch the dates and the air tickets that are suitable for you. It is better to take the steps in that order rather than pay a trip while your ESTA is not yet validated. Indeed, the US authorities are not held responsible if you have committed money for a trip. Preferably turn to the site or the travel agency that sold your air or sea ticket.

Please note that your ESTA has a validity period of two years. During this time, you will have the right to go to the United States as many times as you like. Your stays must not exceed three months, it is the only condition. For more than 90 days, the US government will require you to have a formal visa in good and due form.