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Find an internship in the United States – Part 1

Many French students are looking for work in the USA, especially during the summer period.

It is now more complicated to secure a seasonal job – that is, a summer internship – especially since the application of new rules in recent years. All the more so as the American economic situation hampers hiring, especially when it comes to foreign labor.

In this new context, how to successfully find the right internship?

First, make sure you make the choice that’s right for you. Take the time to define what you want:

  • What kind of business do I want to integrate?
  • An American or European company?
  • In what domain or industry?
  • What position do I want to take?
  • Am I willing to work without pay?
  • How long do I want to stay in the USA?
  • In which city (s)?

To say that “I wish to leave 4 months in Miami” is not concrete, and you risk being very disappointed. The more
precise you are, the more successful you will be. All the more so because the good internship can bring you very
far, even see the offer of a stable job in the long term, which could allow you to expatriate yourself.