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Find an internship in the United States – Part 2

First part of the article available here .

To do a summer internship in the United States, why not create it yourself! Do not be afraid to make your own move and solicit US companies directly. Especially if you wish to do an internship within a particular company, even if it has not announced to offer internships. Take the initiative, contact the company by describing your skills and how you can contribute.

Do not be discouraged if the internship is not paid. Getting an internship could lead to other things, networking, meeting new people, learning about American culture, highlighting your abilities and how society can benefit from it. It is also an opportunity to transform the internship into a permanent job. Especially since several internships give an envelope of 2,000 euros on average to compensate for the lack of remuneration and cover some of your expenses during your stay in the USA.

After having determined your criteria in terms of internship, carry out a search on the Internet to identify the hiring sites. These recruitment companies are often specialized in summer courses for students. Make a list of companies that are in phases with your criteria. Also check out the press to familiarize yourself with each of these companies. This will allow you to better write your CV and cover letter (in US). To have positive feedback, it is imperative to write personalized letters and addressed to each of the companies that you target … to send hundreds of standard letters will give no result.

Send your “cover letter” and “resume” (CV) by email directly to the recruitment manager, or at least to the person who will be your line manager. Often it is easy to find the names of these people. The follow-up will be indispensable, this will demonstrate your motivation, and at the same time will certainly make your file in the “short list” of the best candidates.

Send a thank you letter – called “thank you note” to the US – after being contacted by one of your target companies, can make all the difference. It is a cultural rule, you will be a good lead over the other candidates if you apply it systematically.

Finally, find out about the type of visa required for hiring as part of an internship. Often companies that recruit are not necessarily aware of the latest US rules. The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) program can be useful for a stay of Short, but it is necessary to check with the American authorities to see the evolutions of this program.

So much for our advice, good luck in your internship search!