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Pittsburgh a city in the state of Pennsylvania;, located on the east coast of the United States. The city is inland on the banks of the Ohio River. Its exceptional natural resources have made it possible for its metallurgical industries to flourish since it was founded. It is a landmark in the region, where the world’s first nuclear power plant was built in 1957.

Today, the heavy metal industry has given way to the IT industry, to large medical and scientific groups. American adaptability, as opposed to French, leaves one pensive: in fact, rather to rely on a crisis, to weep over ancient times as in France sometimes, Americans do not hesitate to recognize the vestiges of things before Take their responsibilities and move forward, even if it means changing, for a more promising sector of activity.

You appreciate American dynamism, it’s true, but honestly, you have not come here to visit companies, no matter how innovative. No, you’d rather try the Point Park (which you were told so much), to stretch your legs a bit after your flying hours.

The Point, as it is commonly known, is a 15,000 square meter park in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh where the Allegheny and Monogahela rivers merge into the Ohio River.

The park was designed and laid out on a former industrial territory of the 1950s. It opened its doors to the public in 1974. Within this large park, you can visit the Fort Pitt Museum, a tribute to the Franco-Indian war Of 1754.

The Point’s fountain is very famous. Many tourists come for it only. Its jets, when in action, nevertheless reach 46 meters in height. The city of Pittsburgh takes care of it. It was renovated in 2009, and the Three Rivers Visual Arts Festival takes place in June in this park every year.

Then go to the historic center of Senator John Heinz. You will discover an old tramway of the middle of the XXeme century and vehicles between the two wars. Everything that was built, discovered, elaborated over the centuries by the settlers who settled there is exposed here.

The place is huge, it covers six floors! And as in any large museum, you will find both permanent and temporary exhibitions. You will see that the city has housed illustrious inventors and scientists (anti-poliomyelitis vaccine) but also, in a completely different way, the creation of the Big Mac.

Like a system of matriochkas dolls, the museum houses another museum within its walls. This is the Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum. For sports enthusiasts of all kinds, the place is a little paradise, with objects and accessories that belonged to the greatest sportsmen, and all this, on two floors!

If you are wandering around Pittsburgh, it is that you have applied for your visa a little in advance. Do not forget to fill in your <a href=”” target=”_blank”> ESTA form </a> on the internet a few days before departure. But note that you will pass, on arrival at the US airport, customs controls of customs. If you do not hide a well-refined camembert under your coat, the doors of Pittsburgh will be open to you! Enjoy!