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Shopping in New York

If you are going to the biggest city in the United States, plan a well-filled purse because, besides the visits, you will be able to bring back from your escapade, many memories of the “Big Apple”. You will enjoy good prices and have a multitude of opportunities to make good deals.

For shopping, know that the opening hours are essentially the same as in the big French cities, continuous days from 10am to 8pm. The deals at the shopping level are in the clothing, cosmetics and electronics sector. It is not uncommon to find items at half price compared to Europe.

In the United States, balancing periods do not really exist: the stores themselves declare discounts. If you have the wise idea to leave for the US at the beginning of the year, you will enjoy many post-holiday promotions. To see the dates of the brands you want to visit, go to their site to see the news and the dates of the braderies.

When buying any product, remember that the amount on the item is not the amount you will pay in the end. Taxes are systematically added. And, on your return to Europe, think of informing the customs department of the airport if the amount of your purchases is more than 450 euros.

Depending on the nature of your purchases, you will visit a particular part of the city. For example, you will find a wide range of clothing in the Garment area.

For sharper shops, head for Greenwich Village. In this district, you will discover the most innovative currents in clothing as well as decoration. Previously a rather gloomy area where the slaughterhouses of the city were located, you can also do a fairly hype shopping in this corner of Chelsea.

For a little “Printemps Haussmann” or Harrods, come back on the fifth and Madison avenue. Visit Macy’s or Bloomingdale. This last store is even considered by some tourists as as important to visit as the Moma, is to say! Do not forget also the famous Barneys store where you will find all the trendy New York trendy.

If you had rather decided to indulge yourself by spending a little, rent a car and go for a ride in the outlet stores outside the city.

If you really do not like to stroll around the shops and walk for miles in search of a little dress, it is better to go directly to a mall. The one in Manhattan will be perfect.

If you are a gourmet, go to Dean & amp; Deluca. A Lafayette Gourmet: ultra refined products in a setting that is just as much. Many people thrive there in spite of prices well above average.

Finish with a visit to Tiffany’s. This very high-end jewelery store will finish to enchant you.