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The new ESTA online form

For new applications or renewals

If I have already obtained an ESTA permit, do I need to apply for an updated license with the new online form?

Due to recent events in the world, such as the Ebola epidemic or the increase in terrorist threats in the Middle East, US immigration authorities have added a new online form for the ‘ESTA. This new form is required for new ESTA applications.

In fact, previously approved ESTA permits are valid until they expire.

When they perish, the traveler must apply for a new ESTA using the new online form.

So if you have a valid ESTA permit (granted for less than two years and associated with a valid passport) you can travel without worry in the US without any problems. keeps you up-to-date on your trip to the US with useful and practical tips and answers your questions 24 hours a day if necessary.

Have a nice trip!