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Tipping in the USA

In the United States, unlike Europe, tipping is of particular importance. Indeed, as much in other countries, employees have a fixed salary, tips being a bonus, in the USA, “tip” constitutes a very large part of the base salary. Hence its almost mandatory side. Formerly, the employees of the food services were exclusively paid in this way: if no customer passed the door, nobody was paid!

Fortunately, for nearly 80 years now and the financial crises that have shaken the country, the US government has gradually established a fixed income base, allowing all to live decently despite the economic ups and downs.

However, despite these measures, the bosses are not obliged to give all the smic but simply a small base. So, even today, if the tips are not given by the clients, the employees in the services sector would only receive a micro-wage. Although this practice may initially disrupt passing visitors, it must be realized that it promotes a better relationship between customers and employees. The server will ultimately be more accountable to his client than to his boss.

This results in an attentive, attentive, attentive and attentive service to the client, which far exceeds many European countries. It is not uncommon for you to go home with a doggy bag. Moreover, if the dishes are not correct at the cooking level for example, the server will almost always give reason to the customer since his remuneration and his satisfaction depend on it. After the idea that everything is done “by interest”, one appreciates the exchange that it is created.

If you are traveling to the United States, you should systematically leave a tip equivalent to an average of 15% of your overall bill. Just pay attention to the taxes that are added. Sometimes, in places where we regularly see many tourists, in case of forgetfulness of the latter, the restorers include “taxes of tips”. Therefore, read your note carefully to avoid duplicating the “tip”.

If you pay by credit card, you will specify before the transaction, how much you want to add to the tip level.

To conclude, it is practically inconceivable for Americans not to leave a tip. Even if the service was particularly slow and unattractive, you have to leave even a dollar (to show that you have not forgotten the practice).

It is true, however, that coming from Europe, the practice may seem very exaggerated and unclear: why pay still above the final mark? When you go to the United States, you also have to have a “tips” budget. For many Europeans, the US can be a far too expensive destination if you consider this practice. Yet if you go beyond the way you operate in your country of origin, which is neither better nor worse than elsewhere, if you rely on the “american way of living”, you should have a pleasant stay and Then return to your wider mind.