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Visa Application USA: Guadeloupe


From Guadeloupe, if you have to go to the United States, do not forget to fill in and have validated your visa application USA (ESTA authorization). This request is a form that you can easily find online, by entering the word “ESTA” in your usual search engine.

Guadeloupe, this territory of the West Indies, is both a region and a department. As part of the French DOM TOM, it is automatically subject to the same laws and duties with regard to travel to the United States.

Guadeloupe is therefore part of the same ESTA program as the metropolis. The island is therefore exempt from US visa applications for stays in the USA less than three months.

It is essential, before booking any airline ticket to America, to make an ESTA application at least 72 hours prior to take-off.

If your ESTA application is accepted, you will be able to travel several times in the United States with the same authorization for two full years. It will cost you the sum of 72 dollars us that you will regulate exclusively by credit card on a secured site. If you are traveling with a family, all members must have their own ESTA authorization. You will multiply the sum of 72 dollars by the number of travelers, including the infants.

If, on the other hand, you have to travel beyond three consecutive months, you will have to go through the usual US visa system at the US Embassy or Consulate based in Barbados in Bridgetown.

If, from Guadeloupe, you visited the United States before 2009, the flight crew surely had you fill out a paper form during the journey. This formality no longer exists on board the aircraft since it was replaced by ESTA.

Even though you will be automatically registered and filed by the US security services and your departure and arrival airports, it is still recommended to print this ESTA validation in case the US customs decide to do the zeal! Keep the ESTA print on hand, in your carry-on luggage throughout the journey, for added security.

Since 2005, all visitors to the United States exempt from United States visas, are required to travel with a biometric passport.

The ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) only works with this kind of new-generation passport. Without this new passport, you will not be able to complete the ESTA form and have it validated.

In some very exceptional cases, an emergency visa can be issued to travelers who have had a serious medical, family or professional time. For less than fifteen in the territory, it will cost you the sum of 60 euros.

Even for a newborn, a passport and the ESTA form is now essential to travel to the United States, from Guadeloupe . If you arrive in the USA with various goods in your luggage, you have to declare them and pay any taxes at the airport.

Keep in mind that some goods transport is prohibited by US Customs. Meat products, plants and of course any cutting object (in cabin luggage) are prohibited. The same applies to all large cosmetic and aerosol products that are formally prohibited in your hand luggage. If these are items you have just bought in the duty-free zone of the airport, you have to declare them, have them packed by the security services and present the invoice proofs.

Also, if you are traveling to the United States with your computer or other microcomputer hardware, consider checking that there is enough charge in your devices. Indeed, the customs services may require you to activate your screens. All this for security purposes. If you do not obey, your property will be destroyed or guarded by customs.

If you are traveling with your pet, you do not need an ESTA form for your four legged companion! On the other hand, you will need to have a health certificate and a proof of recent vaccinations. As soon as you arrive, the customs authorities can possibly control the tattooing and filing of your pet for safety. From Guadeloupe or any other island, your pet can be quarantined if there is suspicion